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Every year, the Surgir Foundation publishes its progress report, as well as its accounts. You will find all information regarding Surgir’s activities in Switzerland and abroad. Learn about the challenges that Surgir and its partners face in order to protect women and children against all forms of violence. This fight wouldn’t be possible without the help of our funders and our donors.


“Fighting against crimes committed in the name of honour”

The 18th of September 2020, Geneva

Several European countries joined forces to fight against domestic and sexual violence, when the problem of combating honour-based violence emerged. The international conference organized by the Surgir Foundation in September in 2020 aimed to question the relevance of setting up specific frameworks in order to fight against this form of honour-based violence, and this in a more global framework of gender-based violence. It also aimed to discuss the effectiveness of the different measures put in place. The conference brought together feminist activists from Jordan, Pakistani, representatives of state institutions in charge of the fight against violence against women and European associations that fight against honour-based crimes. The speakers presented their perspectives, their demands and the actions implemented in the context of the fight against violence against women. The conference allowed to expose a diversity of approaches, tools and issues.


"Combating crimes committed in the name of honour in Europe"

Edition 2020 - 2021

Manual for the use of politicians, institutions, and civil society. This brochure presents the origins and the characteristics of honor-based crime.

All the elements listed in this manual on honour-based crimes and their rise in Europe are part of a literature search made by the Surgir Foundation during her daily work on this theme until spring 2011. It is not a scientific research but a synthesis of current knowledge. Its objective is to provide the basis for understanding and to serve as a work tool for politicians, institutions and civil society.


Testimony on honour-based crimes

Souad is 17 years old and she is in love. In her village as in many others, love before marriage means death. “Disgraced”, her family appoints her brother-in-law to carry out the sentence. This man is a hero to everyone. This is what we call an “honour-based crime”. In fact, it is just a cowardly assassination. Atrociously burned, Souad was miraculously saved. She decided to speak for all those who are risking their lives today. To tell the world the barbarity of this practice. She does it at the risk of her life because the family decision to kill the young woman is imprescriptible. “Burned alive” is a distressing document, but also an appeal. We must break the taboo of the unbearable secrecy of these women’s deaths, victims of the men’s law. Published in 2003 by “OH! Editions” and translated in 40 languages, the book has sold over 3 million copies. While more than five thousand cases are identified each year worldwide, many others never come to light.



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